Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Probability and Statistics Helicopter Drop Competition

As part of Probability and Statistics class, we are supposed to use Design of Experiments to create an optimal helicopter design as a final project. As part of this project, we needed to create and drop the optimal helicopter against the rest of the summer teams. A few photos from the drop.

Three stories is a long way down for a little piece of paper.

Video of the second drop of Team Regul8tors.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LGO at the Leadership Reaction Course (LRC)

Very short background. LRC is a set of highly physical obstacles geared towards leadership development. Obstacles include spanning a large gap with a few boards, scaling walls, and transporting equipment in very short amounts of time. The leadership aspect comes in with the time restriction. Teams are given 15 minutes to clear an obstacle, which really can only be done with good leaders. Each member of the team is allowed to lead at least once. Here are some picture from the day.

P.S. It was FUN!!!

There is water under this rickety little bridge.

 Red means dead. We can't touch the red.

Planning for how to get across with 6 people, 7 boards, and 1 ammo box.

How the heck do I get down??!!?!