Saturday, January 21, 2012

Combination Platter: Amazon, Dell, and Amgen

I'm running late on posting, so I am combining the last three plant treks into one post. Also, We weren't allowed to take pictures in most of these locations, so I have few pictures to show.

On Monday, we visited Amazon's distribution facility in Phoenix. We walked through their most advanced facility, seeing the automation magic used to allow Amazon to ship thousands of packages out a day. They utilize miles and miles of conveyers and an intense comprehensive tracking system to ensure proper delivery of all products. Not one picture from this.

On Wednesday, we visited Dell's production facility in Austin. It was not what we expected for a computer manufacturing facility. The actual plant tour was really short, but the total Dell visit was really long. The rest of the time was filled with videos and presentations. It was not what I was expecting for a computer manufacturing plant tour. I managed to take one photo.

On Friday, we visited Amgen's facility in Puerto Rico. It was by far the best run tour that we had. The Amgen people were very well organized, with a central command keeping the dance of the tour groups on time and at the correct locations. They showed us as much of their operations as they could. And to top it all off, they held a reception for us at the end of the day. I was able to take pictures at the reception, so i have those to show.

And so ends the LGO Domestic Plant Trek 2012. It was supreme.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ford and Boeing Tours

On Thursday morning the LGO class toured Ford's Dearborn production plant. Here Ford produces F-150 series trucks. No cameras were allowed inside, so I only have the outside shot. Being able to tour these plants in such short succession is a great opportunity. We can better discern the differences in the plants' layout and operations. Touring the Ford plant was a great learning experience.

Thursday afternoon we flew to Seattle to prep for touring Boeing's 787 and 777 production plants as well as looking at their Dreamliner packages. Pictures were not allowed in the production facilities, but were allowed for the Dreamliner mockups.

Seeing commercial planes up close and personal all opened up is an amazing experience.

Different styles of lavatories available for purchase.

Checking out the seats.

Mockup of the interior of the Dreamliner.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Detroit, Detroit..... and GM.

Today we visited GM's Lansing Delta Township plant. No pictures allowed inside. We were able to see GM's production process from metal stamping to final assembly and testing. It was a long walk, but seeing the details of their system was very fascinating.
After touring, GM invited us to the North American Auto Show. Here we could take pictures. And it was amazing! Here are some highlights:

Monday, January 9, 2012

LGO Domestic Plant Trek is underway! First stop, Caterpillar.

I know it has been a long time since my last post, but I'm on again, and just in time for the LGO Domestic Plant Trek! Today, we visited Caterpillar's Treaded Tractor division in Peoria, IL. Here are some highlight photos!

For the plant tour, pictures weren't allowed in the manufacturing areas, so no pictures there.

As part of the plant tour, we visited their simulation center, where we were able to drive simulations of Caterpillar machines. MIT was here.

We also attended their live product demonstration. We saw some of the amazing things Caterpillar machines could do. Then we climbed all over them!