Thursday, November 10, 2011

Karaoke Again!! This time with video!

Once again LGO descends upon Thirsty Ear for Karaoke night. We go pretty regularly, but documentation doesn't always happen. Check it out!

Edit: Video is on hold until I can figure out how to properly put them up.

LGO 2013 IM Ice Hockey!

We have had a few ice hockey games so far. The reality of the situation is that we aren't all that good. In fact, we are terrible! But we have tons of fun playing anyway. I am the goalie part of the time.

Here are some pictures from them.

Steve Herington and Ashleigh range prepping for the game

David Linders rearing to go!

 Me trying to get into goalie gear

Me in goalie gear!!

Beaten, but not down!!!