Saturday, March 31, 2012

Free Day in Tokyo!!

So for Saturday we had a free day to explore and sight-see in Tokyo. And since it is nearly impossible to travel in large groups in Tokyo, most people split up and had many different itineraries. Here is mine. I took a few people who wanted to see the Tsukiji fish market at 7 am. The fsh market is always interesting to see, and the way this one is set up, it's pretty unique. While we were there, we ate super awesome sushi and dodged little motorized carts. After that I headed to Shinjuku, Tokyo's metropolitan area. They have big business buildings and other interesting stuff to see here, but my purpose was to visit Yakitori Alley and see the entertainment district. For those going to Japan, go to Yakitori Alley. It's full of yum. From Shinjuku, we walked south to Harajuku, Tokyo's fashion district. We also made a stop at the Meiji-Jingu shrine along the way. At this point of the journey the weather decided to stop playing nice. heavy winds and rain made walking around so much harder.  Walking under trees in heavy winds is a scary experience. Meiji-jingu was very pretty. It's a shrine set in the middle of a park, so it's supposed to be serene, but the swaying trees made it a bit menacing. The main purpose of Harajuku was to people watch. On the weekends people come dressed to impress. The interesting thing is that to impress means strange most of the time. I didn't take any people pictures, but people were still out and decked out even with the rain. The final stop of free day was a hot spring bath. Super relaxing and a perfect way to end the trip. Now we get to head back to the U.S......

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