Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sony site visits - AIBO not included

Thursday was mainly filled with visiting Sony. We hit up one of Sony's headquarters in the morning and then a manufacturing site in the afternoon. The most prominent impression that I got was how well they treated us and how meticulous they were in planning and execution. Our visit to the headquarters included a few presentations on Sony followed by a visit to their showroom. The showroom displayed  Sony's current technologies in almost all of their markets (games, movies, televisions, tablets, projectors, etc.). The visit to the manufacturing site showed us the manufacturing lines for many of their products, including Blu-ray players. The final part was a Q&A session with some management.

The entire tour was very well planned and executed. Every step was on time and all the details were thought out. I felt pampered, never rushed, and never bored. I learned bunches too!

Only a few pictures again, since pictures weren't allowed on most of the trip.

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