Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nikce CLC Tour, Cisco Tour, CLGO Panel Discussion

Tuesday - Plant Tour Day

Today we woke up bright and early, leaving the hotel ad 7 am. The first stop was Nike's China Logistics Center (CLC) about a 1.5 hour drive out from the center of Shanghai.No pictures allowed inside, only pictures outside. The tour itself was decent. The planners were planning for an increase in demand and subsequent warehouse growth and built the buildings to match. the result is an excess of space at the plant. We compared it to and thought of it as a much emptier version of AMADON. . They also fed us lunch (very good) and then the employee store (not so much).

We visited Cisco and one of their major suppliers afterward. To be honest, that tour wasn't one of the better ones I have seen) We wore booties and a dress down how nice they are t3u you, Again, no pictures allowed.

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